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Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Color Safari {Free Color Recognition Activity for Preschoolers}
Are you looking for a fun, FREE activity to help your little ones recognize colors and color words?   With this Color Safari activity little ones will be able to get up and explore their surroundings while searching for the hidden Color Safari Creatures.  The recording sheet is has a black and white version of each creature just waiting to be colored.  Once they find an animal, they color their recording sheet to match.  Under each animal the color word is written to help young readers begin to recognize the printed color word.  For added excitement, make your own colorful binoculars for the safari. 

What you will need:

 Bright paper cut into strips
Empty toilet paper or paper towel rolls
ribbon or string
Packing tape or hot glue to connect binoculars
 tape to hang your colorful creatures around the room (I like to use painters tape for easy removal)


My preschooler loved having binoculars for his safari.  Not only were they fun during the activity, but we turned creating them into a learning activity.  He wanted his binoculars to be the colors of the rainbow, in order.  As he wrapped the colored strips around his binoculars he sang the colors of the rainbow song to help him keep the correct order.  We also discussed repeating patterns as we got to purple and still needed to add more to cover the cardboard roll.  

You can make your binoculars colorful in many ways.  We chose to cut colored strips of Astrobrights and wrap the glued strips around the tubes.  I think this is a great opportunity to teach patterns or the order of the rainbow.   After securing the paper strips I used packing tape to add the ribbon and stick the tubes together.  Hot glue would probably also work for this.

 Setting up the safari:

Once you have created your binoculars, you are ready to set up your safari.  Hang the creature cards throughout the room for your little ones to find.  You can choose the difficulty of your hiding places.  I like to keep them all visible, but at varying heights and on different pieces of furniture.  Then print out the number of recording sheets you will need.  Each explorer will need their own recording sheet.  This activity works in a classroom with many kids or at home with only 1 explorer. 

 During the activity:

You can scaffold for increased learning throughout the safari by asking questions.  For example:  for a child who is just learning to identify colors you can ask them to tell you the color of the animal they found.  For a little one who knows all of their colors, you can ask them to read the printed color words.

 I hope you have loved your freebie! 
For more color games and activities check out my Colors resource. Click the picture for more details.

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